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Today, as part of our Science Week, I would like you to think about light and shadows. I had planned for us to complete a topic on Light during the summer term. smiley  

Watch the videos below. They will explain the science of what light and shadows are, as well as explain why and how we see light. 

Light | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

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The Science of Light and Color for Kids: Rainbows and the Electromagnetic Spectrum - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this! Light is everywhere! Have you ever wondered what light is, or where it comes from? Did ...

Light and Shadows for Kids | Science Video for Kids | Kids Academy

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Here are todays activities. You can decide which one/s you complete, it is totally up to you. smiley
Have fun with this and I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley