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PSHE: School Safety Week


This week, across school, we are having a 'Safety Week'. For our first session we are going to look at Water Safety.


Cookley is a beautiful village with many fabulous walks, some of these take us past the canal and the river, so I though it would be a good idea to start here. smiley


Watch the video to find out how to stay safe by the water. 

Stay safe near water

Learning to be safe near water is an important part of a child's education. This film helps children to understand water safety rules, how to be safe near wa...

How many dangers can you spot on the poster? When you have completed this, I would like you to make your own safety poster using the information you have learnt. You can magpie ideas from this safety poster if you would like.

Spot the dangers.

Follow the link to some online games that will test your knowledge further. smiley

I look forward to seeing your work later via the blog or email. smiley