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Thinking Positively


For our PSHE lesson I am going to ask you to think positively. smiley Keeping ourselves safe covers many things. For example, staying safe by water, crossing the road carefully and eating healthily are all ways we keep ourselves physically safe. What we don't always consider is our thoughts and feelings: our wellbeing. Keeping ourselves safe on the inside is just as important as keeping ourselves safe on the outside, and this is where thinking positively can help.


Sometimes we may have a day when we feel nervous about something we need to do, or we might feel annoyed because we've made a mistake - I know I do!  You will have heard me say, many times, 'you can do it, you just can't do it YET!'. smiley All of these feelings are perfectly normal.


When I feel like this, I like to take a few minutes to think of something I know I am good at, or think about a place I have been where I felt happy, or think about something that made me laugh. I find this helps me to feel confident to keep going and try again: I think positively. smiley


Read through the 'Think Positively' presentation below. 


I hope you enjoyed that and felt confident to think positively! Each and everyone one of you are individuals with your own unique qualities. 


Below are activities linked to what you have just read. My expectation is for you to complete at least one, however you can do more if you would like. 

I look forward to seeing your work later via the blog or email.