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Colour - Art


We are going to try something rather ambitious for our topic work today - I would like us to create a collaborative piece of artwork. That means creating one piece of work that all of us are going to work on together. If we were in the classroom this wouldn't be a problem but with us all being at home, it makes things a little bit harder...but more fun! 

We are going to create our piece of work based on this painting by an artist called Wassily Kandinsky.

You can find out more about Kandinsky here.

To make your piece towards our collaborative work, I would like you to create a circular design in the style of one of the sections of the painting. How you create it is entirely up to you depending on the resources that you have available at home. You can paint, colour or collage or you could use found objects like I have done here.

Photograph your creation (close enough so the edges of your circle just touch the edges of your photograph) and either post it to the blog or email where I will save them and edit them together to make our joint piece of work.