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Use the puppets that you made on Day 1 and the scenes that you made on Day 2 to help you to tell or perform the story of Little Red Riding Hood - you might even give your story an alternative ending. You could video yourself doing this and send it to the class email for me to watch or you could post pictures of you doing this on the blog. 

(In my video, I said that you can upload your video to the blog where i meant to say email - oops! Unfortunately, there is no way of uploading videos the the blog.)




If you haven't made any of the resources above this week then you could make your own storytime video. Watch any of the story time videos below to give you an idea of how you can do this. Send your video to the class email and, with permission, I can post it on the school website to share with your friends. 


Katie and the British Artists

The Night Pirates