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Our first topic in Science this term is about Forces and Magnets. The first thing I would like you to do is write down all of the things that you already know. You can write these on a sheet of paper or complete the sheet that I have uploaded. 


When you have completed that, I would like you to work through PPT. There is a sheet for you to complete about push and pull forces - this will help you to remember what you have just learnt. 

This video may help. smiley
When you have finished watch the video below. Then complete an experiment. You will need an object that you can push across different surfaces, something like marble or a toy car etc. I would like you to choose which difference surfaces you are going to push your object along. Does it go further on different ones? If it doesn't, what could be slowing it down? Record your results on the sheet attached.  
Try to summarise what you have found out. smiley