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Today I would like you to create some garden art. How you do this is entirely up to you but here are some ideas:


  • Make a design or a picture in your garden using natural or found objects that you can find such as stones, twigs, leaves, feathers etc. Take a photograph of it.
  • Find an object that interests you and sketch or paint it.
  • Make a collection of objects and create a collage.
  • Try printing from objects that you find by dipping them in to paint and pressing them on to a piece of paper.
  • Make an imprint of your objects by pressing them in to playdough or plasticine.
  • Make rubbings of different textures that you can find in your garden.
  • Take photographs of objects that you find interesting. Can you take any close ups to show the detail?


I would love to see pictures of your garden art on the blog.