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Topic: French

Today, I would like you to complete a French lesson. Watch the BBC Bitesize video in the link below.


Spud opens her birthday presents to discover a shirt, trousers and a jumper and she's not happy. Farley only speaks French and so doesn't understand. When the problem is explained to him with the help of Soda's translating cap, he sets about proving that clothes can be fun. In the antics that follow - usually at Soda's expense, Spud is convinced and starts to enjoy her birthday.

When you have watched the video, I would like you to draw a picture of yourself and add labels to the following.

  •  label your clothes - trousers, jumper etc. 
  •  label body parts - eyes, hair etc.
  •  can you add colours - brown, blue etc.
  •  can you add size - big, small, long, short etc.


The vocabulary sheets below will help you with the translations, I would like you to introduce your picture with - 'Hello, my name is...', 'Today, I am wearing...'. I look forward to seeing your pictures uploaded on the blog. smiley

English                                                           French

Hello, my name is...                                       Bonjour, je m'appelle...                        

Today, I am wearing...                                   Aujourd'hui, je porte...

I have...                                                         J'ai...

big                                                                  grand      

small                                                              petit  

long                                                                long

short                                                              court  

eyes                                                              yeux  

hair                                                                cheveux  


I know how much you love heart a song, so I thought this one may help. 

A French song about clothes and colours | French - Virtually There: France

Suitable for ages 7 to 11. A lively song to practice vocabulary for clothes and colours and a variety of other adjectives. A clip from a series teaching the ...