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Maths 17.11.2020

Today we are thinking about directional language: up , down, left and right.

Using the PowerPoint below, ask your child to point left or right, up or down. There will be pictures for you to ask questions about or ask them to point at the picture on the left or right.


Here is the link to the story Grandad's island:


Watch the story until 7.40 (don't let the video go to the next page- the attic scene)


Syd is now journeying home. He is going home without Grandad. Think of adjectives for the environment e.g. dark, dismal, stormy. We are going to use these adjectives in repetition.


Here is my sentence:


Mile after mile, everything in Syd's world was dark and dismal, dismal and dark.


Look up using google 'grey thesaurus'- using words from the thesaurus you are going to write a simile for how grey the sea is.


Here is my sentence:


The sea was as grey as a statue.


In todays' lesson we are going to be testing the materials that we investigated last week to see if they are waterproof.


For this lesson you will need the following materials:


  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • hessian fabric
  • felt
  • stone
  • cotton


For each material you are going to drop droplets of water onto the material and observe what happens. Does the material absorb the liquid ? Does the material let the liquid sit on top ( waterproof) ?


Write down your observations for each material.