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Into the Forest by Anthony Browne Lesson 2:



PP6 Chunk 1

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Warm-up: Follow the link below to the Topmarks website. I want you to go on games based on 'Fractions and decimals' which you click on at the top. Ensure you are on games for 7-11 year olds. Spend at least 10 minutes on these games.

Main lesson:

Today, you are going to be using short division but this time, the numbers will not divide perfectly and you will have remainders. 


Once again, open the video below which take you through the key teaching points with supporting images:


Main question document:

Problem Solving Challenge: 


Topic: Geography

Mountains - specifically K2 - has been in the news recently. Take a look at the video below which shows some Nepali climbers break a world record by summiting K2 in winter. I have also linked the BBC news page about this amazing achievement if you wish to read more about it. 

K2 winter summit by Nepali climbers world 1st record 2021


Main lesson: Open the document below to find out about today's lesson . (*You can make your project 3D, too! This just might take you a while longer - it doesn't need to be finished today). 


Discovery Education: