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Select the video called 'Sort 2D shapes' and then follow the starter activity. Write your answers in your exercise book.

Today's Activity

For today's activity you will need the following sheets: Sort 2D shapes and Match the shape to the right set.

Click the link below and then select the video called Sort 2D shapes.


Here are your work sheets for today:



Cut out the shapes on your shapes mat sheet. How could you sort the shapes into two groups? How many ways could you sort the shapes?



Listen to the video and join in saying the sounds:


Log into Phonics Play- Username: jan21 Password: home

Select Resources, Phase 3, Dragon's Den and Revise all Phase 3.

This game will highlight which sounds your child struggles with and will need to practise at home. You can practise these sounds by selecting only those sounds when playing the game.



Using what you learnt yesterday have a go at reading the sentences in the story below.


Play the game below to practise reading and making your own sentences.


Now that you have practised your reading and apply your reading skills to read the sentence below.


The milkman smashed the window.


Learning Chunk 1

Before starting learning chunk 1 look at slide 7 in the Powerpoint to recap on the story so far.

Use slide 8 to support your animal noise ideas. Slide 9 will support the generating of ideas.

19.01.2020 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2

Look at slide 10 to spot what animals you can see before starting learning chunk 2.

Then use slide 11 to think of animal alliteration words. Slide 12 has some ideas to help.

19.01.2021 Learning Chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3

Look carefully at slide 13. What has gone wrong for the guards? How could you describe the pile of guards and animals? Slide 14 has support ideas.

19.01.2021 Learning Chunk 3

PE alternative lesson:

PE With Joe