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Open the document below:


PP2 Chunk 1

PP2 Chunk 2

PP2 Chunk 3


Warm-up: Wake up that brain on Hit the Button for at least 5 minutes. Have a go at doubling and halving as you will need these skills for the main lesson. 


Measurement: Mass

Today, you will be converting between imperial and metric units of mass, specifcially pounds (lb), and kilograms (kg) and grams (g). 


Open the Powerpoint below to see the key facts:


Now, have a go at the questions below: 



Extreme Earth : Mountains


You now know what a mountain is and all of its features. Now it's time for you to learn the different types of mountains as mountains so not look the same, nor have they been formed in the same way.


Open the PowerPoint below on 'full screen'. Make sure you click on all the video links - they are important!

Today's main activity is a practical one for you to explore and embed your understanding of how different types of mountains are formed. If you don't have some of the resources needed and can't find a decent alternative, do the ones you can do. No written work needed - just take and send in some photos laugh. Ask a parent to help you set up each 'mountain'. Can you explain to them what's happening? Have fun!