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Please send one email per day including all of the work that has been set (Maths, Phonics, English and topic) to the class email Thank you.



Click on the link below, then click enter, then select coins up to 10p then press start. You have to use the coins from the purse to make the amount.

Today's activity

In today's learning you are going to be learning about coins and using coins to make an amount.

For today's lesson you will need: the fruit sheet (from your home learning pack) and 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

Follow the video below to find out more.


Money 12.11.2021

Your task

As modelled in the video, you will be selecting an item on the fruit sheet and then selecting coins to make that amount.

You will writing the price of the item and drawing what coins you have used as well as writing your number sentence in your book. You will complete this for 8 items on the sheet.




Watch this video and say the sounds-


Log onto PhonicsPlay- Username: cookleyphonics Password: Cookley2020

Select resources, then Phase 3, then Flash Cards Time Challenge. See if you can beat your previous amount of sounds.


Next select Buried Treasure and select Phase 3 again. You have to read the words and sort them into real or fake.



Watch the video below to re-cap on two-syllable words.


Using the words below decide with your child how many syllables- say the word then clap the word to decide.


Using the list of two-syllable words below, select a word and ask your child to write that word. 

List of words ( you do not need to use all of the words):

garden, window, magnet, kitten, spider, yellow, running


Today in English we will be carrying on with our new story.

For today's activity you will need: the PowerPoint below and the learning chunks sheet.

Learning Chunk 1

Firstly look at slide 8 on the PowerPoint. My vocabulary choices are on slide 9. Then watch the video below. 

12.01.2021 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2

Now go to slide 10 on the PowerPoint and click on the link to watch the video of the Queen walking. She has gone out for a walk around the gardens. Then watch the video below for your next instructions. Hint:slide 11 has ideas if your child is stuck.

12.01.2012 Learning chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3

Now look at slide 12 and walk around your room to the song. How does the song make you feel. Watch the video below.

Hint: slide 13 has some ideas if your child is stuck or if you are looking for more adventurous vocabulary.

12.01.2021 Learning Chunk 3