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Welcome to Tuesday. smiley 


Hope you are doing OK, please email and let me know if you have difficulties with anything.



We are consolidating our Maths skills this week. Click on the link below and complete the lesson - Calculating and comparing intervals of time. 


For writing today, complete your ending to The Blue Umbrella. Remember, we have picked up the story from where Blue has been hit by the bus. Your plot points are what happens next - is Blue saved, does he keep looking for Red, do they find happiness together? It is completely up to you how you finish our story. smiley


If you have finished that task, click on the link below for some hints and tips on proofreading your work. 

When you have completed this lesson, go back and read your story, check for mistakes and complete your editing. 

Guided Reading

Click on the link below and complete the BBC Bitesize lesson - Sequencing and summarising what you have read. 



We are living in a world where we are increasingly using the internet for lots of activities. With the Summer holidays just around the corner, we are revisiting how to stay safe online.


Click the link below and complete the activities. 

When you have completed this task, login into Discovery Education and complete some more of the coding exercises. You have all of your online details. smiley

Have a great day and remember to email any work that you have completed.


Miss Jheart