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Lesson 2: To read and answer questions on a text (part 1).



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Today you are going to be rounding decimals, so yesterday's work on place value should come in handy!


Warm-up: Play this game (select the last option "Up To 9.9 to Nearest Whole Number") to practise your rounding skills! 


Below are a selection of videos for you to watch to refresh your memory on the rules of rounding decimals:

Rounding decimals: to the nearest tenth | Decimals | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

Rounding Decimals | Round to the Nearest Hundredth

This video also shows skills of rounding to the nearest hundredth (or nearest 2 decimal places). It has a useful rhyme to help us remember the rounding rules, and includes a few more examples.

Why do we use rounding in real life?

Click on this link:


Now complete the challenges in the document below. Like yesterday's lesson, only spend one hour on this work, including the video-viewing time, and do not worry if you don't complete it all.smiley

Topic: Volcanic Art!

Interact with the PowerPoint below to learn more about the structure of a volcano. Then take a look at some examples of Margaret Godfrey's art to try and create some of your own!laugh