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Jane's Daily Routine

A short video about Jane's daily routine #presentsimple #Daily #Routines

Today's Activity

Routine is something you do everyday.

Have a chat with an adult about your normal routine on a school day, see if you can sequence your day in order on your fingers.


When you have done this, have a go at the worksheet below, cut and stick the sequence pictures in the correct order.





Go to phonics play, click on buried treasure, click on phase 4 - set 1-7.

Have a go at putting the right words into either the bin or the treasure chest.


Phonics: A-E Sound/Words (Split Digraph)





Have a go at reading the sentences below

It will amaze me if you can escape from this maze.

When the Romans came to invade they made long roads.


Have a go at writing the sentence below.

Can a snake have a race with a whale in a lake?

Watch the video below to hear the next part of the story.

23.02.2021 Last Stop on Market Street

Learning Chunk 1
In this learning chunk we are thinking about the next part of the story where it starts to rain. Look at slides 9 and 10.

23.02.2021 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2
Now we are going to look at the sky and think about how we could describe the colour of the sky. Slide 11 will show you the sky and slide 12 gives you ideas.

23.02.2021 Learning Chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3
In this final learning chunk we are thinking about nana's orange umbrella and we are going to compare it to something else that is orange.

23.02.2021 Learning Chunk 3



Warm up: Use a safe space to warm up. Do these warm up exercises on the spot: This should take 10 minutes.


➢ Jog on the spot

➢ Star jumps

➢ Hop on one leg and then the other

➢ Jump on the spot

➢ Climb the ladder

➢ Touch the floor and jump in the air.


Task 1: Relay Fun –in the box.

You will need five small items (pairs of rolled up socks or gloves will do) and a small box (like a lunchbox).

Depending on the space you have, place the box away from you so that you can run to it. Use something as a marker for your starting spot (a loo roll).


Start here X Box Pick up one item and run to your box. Place the socks into the box and then run back to the starting spot. Pick up the next item and repeat until all items are in the box. Now run and pick up one item and bring it back to your starting spot. Repeat until all items have been collected and returned to the starting spot.


Remember - you can only take one item at a time!


Task 2: How quickly can you put all the items in the box? Remember - you can only take one item at a time!


Use your time as a personal challenge. Rest and try and beat it. Task 3: How quickly can you take all the items out of the box? Remember


Use your time as a personal challenge. Rest and try and beat it. Which is fastest – putting items in the box or picking them up?


Task 4: Hit the target.

Now use your box as a target. Throw your socks and try and hit the box or try and get them to land in the box.

Practice this 5 times.


Now have 5 attempts to throw the socks into the box. If the socks hit the box, award yourself 5 points. If the socks go into the box, award yourself 10 points.

How many points can you get? Remember – you can make this easier by moving closer to your target or make it harder by moving further away. Use the technique card to help you improve.