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It's time for Lesson 2 on 'King of the Sky' by Nicola Davies. 

Writing: Planning day

As I said yesterday, today you will be planning the next few plot points in the story 'The Present'. The planning sheet has been set up like before where I have given some prompts and lenses, but you have to add your ideas, also. Below, you can open the planning sheet which includes the Writing Rainbow. There is also a storyboard template for you to use (or just draw your own) for you to draw out what happens in your story in small steps with a short written explanation beneath. 

Maths: Multiplication

Today we are looking at using the grid method to multiply numbers by applying our partitioning knowledge from yesterday's lesson. 

Follow the links below for some guidance on the grid method, then complete the worksheet. Remember, only spend one hour on this work. 


NOTE: The lady in this video adds up all the numbers separately. You could do this, or add up each row and then add after. 


These next videos have useful tricks for multiplying by large numbers. Just remember- 'adding 0's' is when a number is multiplied by 10, 100 and 1000. They don't appear from nowhere!


1-digit x 3-digit:


2-digit x 2-digit:



Topic: Geography

Today we are looking at the Water Cycle! Open the PowerPoint below for the lesson. laugh

Here are some cool experiments you can try out at home!