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This week we will be completing the Mr Move It - Lets Get Moving workout. We will repeat the workout each day so that we get really good and develop our fluency in all of the different moves we will be completing. Follow the link below to access the ten minute workout, have fun. 


Now we will practise our letter formation, use different writing resources across the week to ensure children don't become bored but maintain their interest and enthusiasm. Today focus on the letters d, e, s, f. Remember to form each letter accurately. Refer to the handwriting ditty sheet to help you. 


Our sound of the day is or (as in, shut the door). Using the green phonics folder, practise the or sound. The sound is made up of two letters but makes one sound, which is or. Then practise reading the or words. Firstly encourage your child to identify the special friend in the word, (in this case or) then Fred talk the word; c or n, then say the word in full; corn. Now ask your child to apply the sound of the day into reading a sentence; The thorn on the plant was sharp, it hurt my leg.

Children can then practise spelling the words, this can be done by listening to the word and wiggling your fingers. How many sounds can you hear in corn? Three sounds, hold up three fingers, then pinch each finger as you say the sound. Children can then write the word. Now ask your child to write the sentence, The plant is short but the sun will help it grow. Encourage your child to start the sentence with a capital letter, after they sound out and record each word remind them to leave a finger space before starting to write the next word. Finally remind them to finish the sentence with a full stop. 

Now flick back to ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou and oy, encourage your child to identify the sound without seeing the picture clue and read and spell some of the words. 


Remember to practise your reading at least three times a week by either reading your book in your book bag or logging onto Reading Buddy. Develop your fluency by re-reading the same text a number of times. Practise makes perfect! Today, choose your own book.

Also remember to practise the words in your high frequency word wallet so you don't forget them. The words you are able to recognise in your wallet should now be read accurately when you are reading a text. Each week we will focus on new words to build up the breadth of words you able to recognise. This week please practise the following words; will, into, back, from, children, him, Mr. They can be written on paper and added to your word wallet. If children are still learning previous sets of words, continue to practise the other words then introduce this set as and when they are ready.


Can you count forwards to 30 and back from 20? Today we will be focusing on taking away.

You will need up to 10 items that interest your child; cars and garage, animals and farm, blocks of towers, dolls and house, pictures of bugs and a leaf etc. and a die. 

Using the resource chosen create some subtraction maths stories and record the matching subtraction number sentence.

Put 10 bugs on a leaf, roll die (lands on 3). 10 bugs are on a leaf, 3 creep away that leaves 7 bugs on the leaf so 10-3=7 (ten, takeaway three equals 7). Repeat a number of times creating the story, recording the subtraction number sentence and reading the number sentence written. 

Story variations could include; 10 cars are at the garage, 3 drive away that leaves 7 cars at the garage, 10 animals are at the farm, 3 run away that leaves 7 animals at the farm, 10 towers make up the city, 3 fall down that leaves 7 towers in the city, 10 dolls are in the house, 3 go in the garden that leaves 7 dolls in the house. 



Jack climbed high up the beanstalk and through the clouds, until he reached the Giant's castle. Today with the help of an adult I would like you to make a cloud in a jar.


You will need:

* Empty jar with lid

* Hot water to fill about a 1/4 of the jar

* Aerosol e.g. hairspray, deodorant

* Ice cubes


What to do:

1. Pour the hot water into the jar and swirl around to warm the sides of the jar.

2. Place the lid upside down on top of the jar and top with ice cubes. Leave for approximately 20 seconds.

3. Spray a small amount of aerosol in and replace the lid.

4. Watch the cloud form inside the jar, before releasing it when you lift the lid.


The clouds form when the water vapour cools near the ice, but they need something to form droplets around - in this case it is the aerosol, allowing clouds to form.