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Other Activities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Discuss talents and how everyone is special, different and unique, with their own talents, likes and dislikes. Think about the people in your house. What are they good at? What makes them a superhero? 
  • Be a superhero in your house and help everyone else. E.g: You could save dinner by setting the table. You could same time by helping wash up. You could save nature by watering the flowers. 


Physical Development


Fine-motor skills:

  • Use a masher to mash up potatoes... or peas!
  • Help a grown-up to peel potatoes and carrots and cut up vegetables for dinner


Gross-motor skills:

  • Set up a superhero obstacle course in your garden using the resources you have at home – measure how long it takes to complete and challenge your family or try again and see if you can improve your time
  • Make a laser maze by trying string between items in your house. See if you can navigate them without touching the lasers. Make sure an adult it present at all times during this activity to ensure you are safe.



  • Superheroes are strong and powerful. Can you find some ways to practise running, jumping and climbing this week in the garden or on your daily walk? Unfortunately it is not safe to go on park playgrounds yet but you may find a tree stump you can climb and stand on; a field where you can practise your running or you may have something you can climb in your garden when there is an adult with you. Stay safe.

Health and Self-Care:

  • Superheroes help people in a crisis e.g. if they are hurt, there is a fire or there is a bad guy. Talk to your child about what they could do if there was an emergency. Talk about phoning 999 and how the emergency services are there to help us.
  • Healthy Eating – cook a healthy meal together using some of the vegetables from Superpotato. Can you include peas as they aren't really bad!
  • Design your own healthy superhero made from a vegetable. They could encourage everyone in your house to make healthy choices. 



Understanding the World:


People and Communities:

  • People Who Help us: Superheroes are people who help us. Who helps you? Talk about people who help us in everyday life e.g. teachers, doctors, nurses, bin collectors, cleaners, shop workers etc. You could make a thank you poster or write a letter to someone who is being a hero during the Coronavirus.


The World:

  • Free the Pea! Freeze some peas (or plastic figurines/lego people if you don’t have peas) in water (in an ice mould, plastic glove or balloon) overnight. Then investigate how you could free the pea e.g. put it in the sun, use tools, slowly drop on warm water etc. It might take some time and patience. You might like to freeze quite a few peas and then you can investigate different ways of freeing them before deciding which was the best method. Try and use some Science words such as predict, plan, measure, record.



  • Watch these episodes of Come Outside to find out about carrots are grown and sold and how potatoes are used to make crisps:


  • Download the "Superhero Kids Photo Editor" app for free. You can use it to take photos of yourself and turn yourself into a superhero! This is called photo editing.



Expressive Arts and Design:


  • Make and decorate your own superhero fruit and vegetable characters. Here are some I made with my niece and nephew before lockdown.



  • Superheroes have their own logos. Design your own for the superhero you have designed. You could colour it in or even paint it. 


  • Here are some Superhero songs and dances to enjoy: