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Wb 09.11.2020

Homework To be completed by 20.11.2020


In Maths we have been learning about counting sets of 2's, 5's and 10's.

For your Maths homework I would like you to have a go at the task linked at the end of this page.

Don't forget to try Numbots ( it is the same password for TT Rock stars).


In english we have been thinking about Grandad and Syd and what animals they saw on the island. We described the movements and sounds of the birds using verbs ending with the suffix '-ing'. Could you think of other animals and describe how they move and sounds they make using '-ing' ending verbs. ( e.g. jumping, howling, screeching)



In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds and practising writing the sounds in words:

ee  igh  oa  oo (as in zoo)  oo (as in book) 


Spellings Spelling Test on 20.11.2020

This weeks spellings are:








Forest School 


Today in Forest School we are going to be building a castle wall. We are going to be thinking about making the wall smooth, battlements and making it tall enough for enemies not to climb over.


Can you build a tall, strong castle wall at home?