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w.b. 11.1.21

Hello Class 4,


Welcome to our first full week back to Lockdown Learning. I'm sure that you will work just as hard as you did last time.


Please send all your work to us in one daily email.


Don't forget to check in the Ukulele folder as Mrs Harper has written you a letter and if you'd like to record yourself practising, as long as your parents give permission, I can add these videos to the website.


I'm sure some of you have already listened to the next chapter of our class story, 'The Wizards of Once - Twice Magic by Cressida Cowell'. Throughout Lockdown, I will be adding chapters regularly for you to listen to as I know you were enjoying this series of stories.


Also keep your eye on the English - Sentence Stackers - Working Wall folder as your sentences will be added as they would normally be added to the classroom display.


Talk to you soon,

Mrs Lane