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w.b. 1.2.21

Hello Class 4,

Thank you to those of you who sent work in last week. You have been working really hard and seem to be enjoying your learning too. Well done to those of you who had your work featured on the website in the ‘Superstars’ or ‘English Sentence Stacker Working Wall’ folders. I’m sorry that I can’t include everybody’s work every week. Keep working hard and your work might be featured next week. Remember to check these folders even if you have been working in school as Mr Day and Mrs Warrilow have been sending me your work.


Why not attempt the PE challenges to earn yourself a certificate?



Make sure that you access the home learning page of the website for the instructions for each lesson and activity. It doesn’t matter when in the day you complete each activity. Ensure that you allow yourself to have some breaks and enjoy time with your family.


I am looking forward to seeing all of your work. Please send it to me as one daily email.

Thank you,

Mrs Lane

Story time with Mr T - Tad