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Wb 17.05.2021


In maths this week, we have been learning about ordering numbers and counting in 2's. On Mathletics there have been 2 activities assigned for you to complete.



In English we have started our new sequence where we are leaning about instructions. One thing we have learnt about instructions is that each step of the instructions have to start with an imperative verb (bossy word). What imperative verbs can you think of to describe activities around your home?


E.g. Tidy your room

        Wash the dishes

         Fold the laundry



In PE we have been focusing on our athletics skills ready for sport day. Using a pair of rolled up socks as a ball/beanbag, create a new Sports day challenge. Send your game into the class 1 email and your game will be played in the next PE lesson.


Don't forget to log all your active minutes on the Get Set Travel Tokyo website. Scroll down on the web page, search for the school name and then select your team name. Every active minute counts!