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w.b. 18.1.21

Hello Class 4,


Thank you to those of you who sent work in last week, check in the amazing examples of work folder to see if any of your work is featured this week. I really enjoyed reading your English work in particular. Some of your sentences were brilliant. I almost felt like I was in Pompeii running from Mount Vesuvius when I read them. I hope that you will work just as hard this week.


If you have collected the paper pack, make sure that you access the home learning page of the website for the instructions for each lesson and activity. If you haven't, don't worry as all of the resources are available on the website, and you can record your ideas in your exercise book or on paper.


Don't forget to listen to the next part of our class story and to visit the ukulele folder to read Mrs Harper's next letter. 


I am looking forward to seeing all of your work. Please send it to me as one daily email.


Thank you,

Mrs Lane