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Wb 22.03.2021


This week Maths has focused on fractions and finding a quarter of a shape, set of objects or length. 

On Mathletics I have set a task relating to this weeks learning. Follow the link below to log into Mathletics.


This is an optional challenge relating to the Maths learning.

In English we have been looking at the poem 'By Myself'. The poem has lots of rhyming couplets (when two lines rhyme with each other).


Look at the sheet below. Can you spot the words that rhyme in the bowl with the word on the spoon?


Even though your child is bringing home a reading book from school please keep reading books on Oxford Reading Buddy and completing the quizzes as these will help your child's comprehension (understanding of the story and ability to answer questions about the story).These books will also help your child read words that cannot be sounded out. 

The more books your child reads, the higher they move up the book band levels. 


Follow the link below to access Oxford Reading Buddy.

These are the sounds we are currently working on in class.