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w.b. 25.1.21

Hello Class 4,


Thank you to those of you who sent work in last week. You have been working really hard and seem to be enjoying your learning too. Well done to those of you who had your work featured on the website in the ‘Amazing Examples of Work’ or ‘English Sentence Stacker Working Wall’ folders. I’m sorry that I can’t include everybody’s work every week. Keep working hard and your work might be featured this time.


If you have time, listen to our class story, look at the letter from Mrs Harper and have a go at the Spanish lesson with Mrs Wheeler.


I am looking forward to seeing all of your work. Please send it to me as one daily email.


Thank you,

Mrs Lane


P.S. You have all been working so hard again during this Lockdown, make sure that you allow yourself time to play in the snow! Can you create your own winter wonderland obstacle course in your garden? Or build an amazing snow animal? Enjoy yourselves!

If you haven't caught up with our Class Story, follow the link below to listen to the next part.
Also, Story Time with Mr T is back. Follow the link below if you want to listen to the latest story.

Storytime with Mr T - The Stone Lion