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Hello hard worker! 

Below is all you need to know about today's set work smiley Remember, links to ALL resources are at the bottom of the page. 



  • Arithmetic sheet available as a starter. You don't have to complete the whole sheet at once! I would complete part A today (approx. 5-8mins), then complete parts B and C on Thursday or Friday. Use a calculator to check answers or ask a parent to mark your work once you are done. 
  • Main subject: angles. Today, I want to you to recap angles. I have set tasks on Mathletics and there is an extra sheet linked based on calculating angles using the angle rules: right angle = 90 degrees, straight line =180 degrees, angles round a point = 360 degrees. 



  • Reading comprehension - Tracking Basking Sharks. Read the text aloud using your well-rehearsed 'news reporter' tone and pace. Answer the questions using evidence from the text where possible. Remember, 2 marks tells you that either 2 points need to be made, or 1 point with supporting explanation or evidence. 
  • Written task: See below. Keeping with the theme of sharks, I'm looking forward to reading your diary entries! Think about what you would write about if you were the person in the photo after experiencing such an event. Yes, that does mean the person (you) do not die! You live to tell the tale in diary format. Remember: select effective vocabulary and engage the reader. Please share on the blog! 


Wider-curriculum / foundation subject

Login to Discovery Education Espresso Coding. Click on Year 5 Unit Starter and complete the first 3 lessons: Burst the Bubbles, Up in the air and Fly a helicopter. Follow the tutorials.