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Today's English is in 3 parts.


Part 1

Look at the pictures in the slide show below:

What adjectives (describing words) can you think of to describe the colourful pictures? e.g. shiny, bright, dazzling etc.


We are going to compare Grandad's island to one of these places using a simile. A simile is when you say one thing reminds you or looks like something else.


Here is my example:


The island was full of colour like a fresh, vibrant market fruit and vegetable aisle in the supermarket.


Have a go at your own- comparing Grandad's island to another colourful object.



Part 2

Do you remember the doing words (verbs) you collected yesterday? Today we are going to be using those verbs in sentences to describe the birds actions in the sky and through the trees. 


Here is my example:


Birds were busy dipping, diving, twirling, swooping.


Part 3

You are going to re-use a sentence that you wrote at the start of or story. It was the sentence that started 

'Grandad's attic was full of....' . 


Instead of the 'attic' we are going to change it to 'island' as all of Grandad's treasures have been brought along to the island.


We are going to list the items brought to the island using repetition. Repetition is when a word or a phrase is repeated to make the reader think that there are lots of things.


Here is my sentence:


Grandad's island was full of his treasures: his gramophone, his hat and his suitcase.


Write you own sentence to list Grandad's treasures that he has brought to the island.





In art today we are going to explore line.

Have a look at the artist below:

Both of these pieces pf artwork were created by Bridget Riley.


How would you describe these lines ?


What colours can you see?


How do they make you feel?


Do the paintings look different when she uses colour? How?


What other types of line can you remember?

Using a blank piece of paper, fold the paper into 6 roughly equal sections.

In each section experiment with drawing these types of lines:






cross hatched


Use a different square for each line type.


Pick your favourite line design and draw it on a square piece of black card.