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Today we are going to be thinking about positional language- top, middle bottom, above, in between and below.


Use the PowerPoint attached below to introduce the vocabulary and ask your child questions on where objects are placed.


Today in English we are thinking about Syd arriving back at Grandad's house after his lonely journey home. 


Part 1


Look at the pictures attached below. How would you describe the attic? Look at the before and then after picture. The attic seems different now. What adjectives could you use the describe the attic now? ( e.g. dark, empty, lonely).


Here is my sentence:


Grandad's attic was dark and empty.


Now write your sentence describing Grandad's attic.


Part 2

Have you noticed that some of Grandad's treasures are missing from his attic? Can you spot which ones? Choose three items that are missing to write a sentence about.




In RE today we are thinking about the question given to Christians -'What is God like?'. In our discussion we are going to talk about what we know of God and what has he done e.g made the earth, had a son called Jesus. 


Draw a picture of what you think God is like using his miracles and what you know about him.




Carrying on with our theme of lines, we are thinking today about wavy lines. Take a look at the two pieces of art work below. 


David Hockney- A bigger Splash 

Vija Celmins -Ocean


What sort of lines are they?

Does it look like water?

Is water an easy thing to draw or paint?

Hoe does light change the way it looks?


Now get a big piece of plain paper and draw big lines representing water on your paper.