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Into the Forest by Anthony Browne Lesson 3:



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Arithmetic: Open the document below and away you go! Please spend no more than 10 minutes on this. You can work in any order. Answers are on the 2nd page. 

Main lesson:

WALT: Interpret remainders appropriately for the context. 

Today, you are going to use the formal written method of short division and your ability to calculate remainders. The difference today is that you are going to be faced with word problems and you will need to make decisions on how the remainder impacts your answer by either rounding it up or down based on the context of the question. 


Watch the video below to get an idea of what I mean:

Interpret remainders appropriately for the context (round up or down)


You will be working with larger numbers, however, the skills required remain the same. 

  • Calculate using short division (watch Monday's videos if you need a refresher).
  • Show the remainder
  • Round your answer up or down based on the remainder and what the question has asked. 


Open the document below:




It's time for some spider-power yoga! I hope you're feeling flexible!


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