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Watch the video below for your maths warm up ( pause the video at 0:42 to give you time to complete the tasks before the main activity is introduced).

Today in maths we are going to be learning about Fact Families. These are addition and subtraction number sentences that can be made using 3 numbers. 




3  5  2


I know when I write an addition number sentence I add together the two smallest numbers to make the total which is the biggest number.

So using the numbers given I can make the following two addition number sentences:





I can also make 2 subtraction number sentences from the three numbers I have. I know that a subtraction number sentences starts with the biggest number and a takeaway one of the smaller numbers.

Using the numbers given I can make the following subtraction number sentences:




Here is a video to explain more:
Here are your activities for today ( the sheets do not need to be printed as the answers can be written on paper). Don't forget for your fact family you need 2 addition number sentences and 2 subtraction number sentences.




Follow the link below, then type in the following user name and password.



Once you have logged in select Resources, then Flash cards Speed Time trial, then Phase 3 and play the Two-minute challenge to see how many of the sounds you can say before the time is up.


Next play Pick a picture and select Phase 2 to recap previously learnt sounds which will support the teaching part of the lesson.



Remind your child how we spell by segmenting words ( breaking the words into sounds) e.g. t-r-ee.

Explain how we can also break a word down into syllables like foot+ ball which makes football.

Watch the video below that explains compound words.




Now that you know what compound words are have a go at this game below to see if you can match up the two parts of the compound word.



Now that you have learnt what compound words are and have practised making compound words, Have a go at writing sentences that includes a compound word e.g.


I went to the park to play football.


My mum baked a cake from her cookbook.


Today in english you are going to be listening to the story 'The Magic paintbrush' and then completing activties about the story during the video.