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Please send one email per day including all of the work that has been set (Maths, Phonics, English and topic) to the class email Thank you.



I have assigned on Mathletics 'Everyday Money' to recap the different coins and notes in British currency. If you have completed the task before the lesson move onto the main activity for today.

Today's activity

For today's activity you will need the worksheet that has the £5 note on it.

Today you are going to be making equivalent amounts. This is when you make that amonut using alternative coins e.g.


If I wanted to make 10p I could use:





On the sheet you can use the coins stated in the top corner to make the amounts. Draw the coins you would use the make the amount in the boxes next the the coin or note you need to make the equivalent of.



Complete the activity below. You can discuss the answer and write it in your exercise book.





Watch the video to practise your sounds:


Log into Phonics Play- Username: jan21  Password: home


Select Resources, then Phase 3, then select Flash Cards Time Challenge. Can you beat your highest score?


Then play Space Race on the Phase 3 level.


Watch the video below to learn how to read and spell some new tricky words.

Tricky words 13.01.2021


To practise writing the tricky words use the 'Look, cover write' sheet from your home learning pack-. It is the sheet that has the words from my video above. Only complete that sheet.



Say the sentence and then get your child to write the sentence. Remember you can sound it out with them and say any of the words as many times a necessary but try not too aid your child as it will show what they need to improve on.

The clown did tricks with the chimpanzee.

For todays activity I would like you to watch the video clips on slide 15 of the PowerPoint.


Discuss the strong winds- What do you see? What do you hear?


Now move on slide 16 on the PowerPoint and follow the instructions.

Gather words that describe the wind sounds and things that the hat could be compare to moving as fast as.

Outdoor Learning

Today linking to our Science I would like you to go outside and classify clouds.

Follow the guide below to help you classify the clouds.


Don't forget:

Fluffy clouds like cotton wool= Cumulus clouds

White and feathery=Cirrus clouds

Flat and wide clouds- Stratus clouds

Dark/ grey clouds- Nimbus clouds


How many clouds can you see of each type?