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Welcome to Wednesday - 3 more get ups!


Here is today's work. smiley



Today we are revisiting finding fractions of amounts. Click on the link below to an Oak Academy lesson - Finding non-unit fractions of quantities. 


When you have finished you will find activities linked to this topic on Mathletics.  


Today I would you to complete a lesson from BBC Bitesize about writing letters. This learning will help you with the task on Thursday. smiley


Click the link below and complete the activities. 

Guided Reading

Click on the link below and complete the BBC Bitesize lesson - Dindy and the Elephant by Elizabeth Laird. To complete this lesson you will be using the summarising techniques you learnt about yesterday. 


Today we will be completing another lesson in our topic - Animals including humans. Click on the link below and follow the instructions. This lesson will consolidate the learning we have completed in class. 

Have a great day and remember to email any work that you have completed.


Miss Jheart