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Special Announcement


Special Announcement


Starter Activity:

Today's Activity

Counting in 10's


Today we are going to be counting in 10s.

Did you notice the number pattern in the song? 

Well done if you said the number in the ones place is a 0. Meaning that if a number ends in a 0 then it is in the tens.

Couning in 10's explained by Mrs Claridge




Log into Phonics Play- Username:jan21 Password: home

Select Resources, Tricky Word Trucks and then Phase 4 Tricky words.


Then play Rocket Rescue on Phase 4.



Today you are going to be learning about the new sound 'ea'.

Watch the video below to find out more.

ea sound


To practise the 'ea' sound. Have a go at the 'ea' sound sheet in your pack.


Now that you know the 'ea' sound. Practise reading these sentences below. Can you spot the 'ea' sound we have practised today?


We sit on a seat and read books near the sea.


Can a sheep repeat a bleat?


At least we can have meat as a good treat.


Learning Chunk 1

Today we are going to be thinking about the Queen's hat for the final time. Look at slide 19. Slide 20 has vocabulary ideas.

27.01.2021 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2

The hat has landed on a baby! Can you describe the baby? Look at slide 21 and then 22 for supporting ideas.

27.01.2021 Learning Chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3

In our final Queen's hat learning Chunk we are thinking about what the Queen might say and how she might react to seeing her hat on a baby. Look at slide 23 and then slide 24 for ideas.

27.01.2021 Learning Chunk 3

Outdoor Learning 

Linking to our focus on the weather and this weeks focus on the wind, our outdoor learning activity is making and flying a kite. Have a look and see how the wind affects the kite and the way it moves.

How To Make A Simple Kite