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Reading: Rushing Rivers

Time for Lesson 3: To answer questions on a non-fiction text (part 2).



Independent Writing Day (1)

Today is the day you start to put your plan into action! There are 2 things you need to do right now:

  • Get your plan from yesterday and take a look at it. Remind yourself of what you have planned to write. 
  • Now find the the writing you did in your last sentence stacking lesson. You are writing the next part of the story, so it is important you remember where you left off. 


Now you are ready to write. The usual way we do this in class is we write in chunks of 10 minutes at a time. This is done in silence without distractions, giving time for the children to think and write. Then we pause after 10 minutes, reread (swapping our work with others to give advice) and make quick improvements. Crossing out is part of the process - just use one line. 


This process is then repeated. If a child is struggling then, of course, talk through their ideas and give them a possible sentence starter to get them going again. Try to encourage as much independence as possible. 


To write all 3 plot points at a good standard (using the lenses and effective vocabulary), the children will need today's and tomorrow's writing sessions. I do not expect all of your writing to be done today! I do expect at least 1 chunky paragraph per plot point, similar in size to those in the sentence stacking sessions. 


Make a start today and see how you get on. Remember, Star Writers will be chosen from this piece.


Maths: Arithmetic

Complete what you can - spend maximum of 10minutes on this. 


Today we are looking at lengths and distances. The work is attached on a document below.

Please look at the PowerPoint to help you answer Challenge 1!


Remember these conversions: 



Go Noodle: Follow this link and choose at least 2 videos to join in with.


PE with Joe: As usual, either follow the link and complete when you like, or complete live with Joe at 9am. Make sure it's 27th January 2021. You'll all be in great shape when you come back if you manage to keep doing these workouts! You got this!