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Start today by watching the assembly. There are some questions for you to think about and a Two minute Twist video too.

Paul at Home | Learning Every Day

"Every day Is a school day." In this video Paul talks about a man in the Bible, who met with Jesus and learned something new. While a duck called Dudley lear...

2 Minute Twist | Names and Promises

Twist is the little puppet who asks BiG questions. Today we meet the team and Twist asks about names and God's promises. Do you know the meaning of you name?...

If you have finished all of today's activities you can choose to access any of the online learning platforms that you have log in details to. e.g. Mathletics, TTRockstars, Tackling Tables, Education City, Discovery Education, or Reading Buddy. You could even practise your Spanish or Ukulele.


As an alternative, you could, listen to the class story,  read Harold's Daily Diary, practise mindfulness, read a book, draw a picture, run round your garden, play a game with your siblings, help your grown ups with jobs around the house e.g. tidying your room or cleaning.


Check out the Thrive link for ideas!

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids Calm - 10 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

This mindfulness meditation for children helps kids calm down and become mindfully happy and present in just 10 minutes. This guided mindfulness practice enc...