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Lesson 3: To read and answer questions on a text (part 2).


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Using your knowledge of tenths, hundredths and thousandths, today you are going to order and compare decimals. We have done this before, but only up to 2 decimal places. I hope this will be quite a straightforward lesson for many of you as you have a good general understanding of the number system. There is a video below which goes over the key teaching points. Most importantly, be systematic!

When ordering and comparing decimals, it is important to make all the numbers have an equal number of decimal places. You can do this by adding place holder (zeros), e.g. 0.7 is really 0.700 when you add the place holders.

Greater than and less than symbols

Reminder of the greater than, less than and equal to symbols.

Main document - answers at the end (no peeking!)



Go Noodle: Choose 2 different activities to warm-up:


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