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Notice for parents: For Oxford Reading Buddy, the username and password are on the sheet handed to your children earlier in the year. The school code is: x5777. If you have lost your passwords sheet, email the class email and I can send another sheet via email. The reading levels on the site now match your child's current reading level. If this level is too easy, to move up to the next level you have to read so many books and complete the quizzes before the site moves you up a book level. 
Paul Willmott's Assembly

Paul at Home | Learning Every Day

"Every day Is a school day." In this video Paul talks about a man in the Bible, who met with Jesus and learned something new.

2 Minute Twist | Names and Promises

Twist is the little puppet who asks BiG questions. Today we meet the team and Twist asks about names and God's promises.




Today's Activity


When you have watched the video for today's activity I would like you to complete the task and

write down all of the different combinations you find that make 10.

Pairs to 10

Have a go!





Watch the video below to practise your phase 3 sounds:


Log into Phonics Play U:jan21 P:home

Select Resources, Phase 4, Dragon's den.


Today you are going to be learning a new sound. Watch the video below to find out more.

Year 1 Phonics Phase 5 - 'aw' Words


Read the words below and colour in the 'real' words one colour and the 'fake' words another colour.


To practise your reading log into Oxford reading Buddy and select a book to read. Is the aw sound in your book? If you spot the sound in your book send the word in that you found in your daily class email.

Outdoor Learning
Linking to our Science topic of hibernation, today you are going to be investigating hibernation and how the animals stay warm through the winter. If you don't have a thermometer for this activity, you can download a thermometer app on your phone.