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Using the numbers given below, sort the numbers into groups of odd and even numbers. Don't forget even numbers are in the 2's and have a 0,2,4,6 or 8 in the ones column (the end number). 
Today's Activity
Today we are thinking about addition and subtraction missing number sentences. Watch the video below to find out more.

Addition and Subtraction Missing Number Sentences

Now that you have watched the video, using the cards below ( found in your home learning pack), get an adult/older sibling to hide the cards around the house. Your job is to find a card and answer it. If you answer it correctly, you get to go and find your next card.
Here is a number line to support your working out.
For your end activity, follow the link for the game below. Watch the instructions on how to play the game and then start at the lowest level. If it is too easy you can move to the next level up. This game is for Year 1 children and Year 2 children so please don't expect your child to completing the highest level.




Log on to phonics play

Username: jan21

Password: home


Select the phase 4 option on 'Rocket Rescue' 


Phase 5 Phonics for Kids #14 'ey'

Join with Felix and learn phase 5 phonics at home with this brand new series of phonics lessons! Today's lesson is all about the 'ey' sound! Check out the li...


Phonics 'ey'



Have a go at reading and writing the sentences below


Can a jockey win on a donkey?


Will a girl put a trolley in a turkey?


Did Santa get stuck up the chimney?

Learning Chunk 1

Learning chunk 1 (10.02.21)

Learning Chunk 2

Learning chunk 2 (10.02.21)

Learning Chunk 3

Learning chunk 3 (10.02.21)

Outdoor Learning

Today for your outdoor learning we are thinking about Valentine's day. We are going to be creating a Valentine's day edible heart for the birds.


For this activity you will need:

-wire or pipe cleaners

-breakfast cereal like hoops

-scissors/wire cutters