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Time: "Seconds, Minutes and Hours" by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

Today's Activity

Telling the time (o'clock)



Have a go at the worksheet below now and see if you can put the correct time on each clock. 




Go to phonics play - click on Flashcards Time Challenge - phase 3.

See how many cards you can get right in one minute.




e-e split digraph - Mr Thorne Does Phonics



Below is a worksheet, find and write the e_e words.


Have a go at reading the sentences below.

Can you put a huge cube in a tube?

Will a complete prune contain a stone?


Have a go at writing the sentence below

Is it ever extremely rude to play a flute?

Today is an experience day to help you with your learning chunks tomorrow. In today's experience day we are going to focus on speech and how to use speech marks correctly. Follow the slides on the PowerPoint to complete today's activity.

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Speech Marks/Inverted Commas

Outdoor Learning

Today you have the materials challenge.


Read the instructions for each challenge carefully before completing the challenge.

Challenge 1

Find an object made from only 1 materials. It cannit have any other material on it.


Challenge 2

Fid an object made from 2 materials.


Challenge 3

Find 2 objects made from the same material.


Challenge 4

Find an object made from plastic and metal.


Challenge 5

Find an object made from as many materials as possible. Can you beat my object below that is made from 3 materials?

Extra Challenge

Can you think of your own challenge for one of your family members?