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Time for your 3rd installment of 'King of the Sky'. Lesson 3: Analyse a character. 


Writing: Independent Writing

Today is your first independent writing day. 

  • Have your planning sheet and storyboard ready. Go over what you did yesterday. Does it still make sense? Do you need to make changes?
  • Remember, you are continuing the story - there is no need to write up 'The Present' from the very beginning, unless you want to. Read the last section you wrote with me (Plot Point 9) to remember where you left your story. 
  • Create a calm, quiet writing environment at home before you start writing - put some relaxing music on, sit comfortably with your chair tucked in and if possible, write in pen. If you want to type your work, that is okay.
  • Set a timer for 45 minutes. Write in 10 minute chunks, then pause, stretch, proofread, edit, then repeat. Stop after 45 minutes.
  • Today, aim to get to the part where the bullies have entered the park and begin to pick on Ben and the puppy. You have tomorrow's writing time too, so don't rush!

Maths: Multiplication

Warm-up: Play 3 rounds of Hit the Button 'Times tables'. Try to beat your score each time. 


Before we move on to different methods of multiplication, you need to prove to me you can use the grid method confidently. So, firstly I want you to calculate the questions below using the grid method only. Show your working out and use a ruler. 

a) 564 x 8 = 

b) 308 x 55 = 

c) 7 x 876 = 

Once complete, check your answers using a calculator. Calculators can be found on phones and online. Did you get them all right?


Now you feel confident using the grid method, it's time to learn some other written methods of multiplication. 


Before we move on to more complex calculations, you need to be able to multiply a 1-digit number by a 2,3 or 4-digit number using short multiplication. We have done this in class before, but many of you will have forgotten. If you understand how the carrying process works (much like for addition), then this sets you up nicely for tomorrow's lesson. 


Before clicking play on the video below, have the document open which is found beneath the video. You MUST pause the video when asked to think about a calculation. Please do not skip to the document because it is important that you see all of the visual representations of problems in a place value chart. 

Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit


It's time to wake up and feel alive with an old school classic! Stand up and get moving!

Just Dance 2018 * Waka Waka (Football Version)


PE with Joe: Wednesday 24th February 2021