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Today, we are looking at book covers. 

Think about the book covers you have seen. What makes them so appealing? What makes you want to read that book?


Can you guess the title of the books below and their authors? (Answers on the 2nd slide - no peeking!)

Your task for today is to design (and maybe create) your own book cover. This book cover can be either:

  1. A new cover for your favourite book.
  2. A cover for the story you were thinking about in yesterday's English lesson


Make sure your book cover includes all the features of a book (pictured above). You could even write a blurb on the back cover, which tells the reader a summary of the story inside!



Warm-up: I want you to practise your 3x, 6x and 7x tables. Click on the times table and then complete the page worth of activities. 


We are continuing our recap and application of all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Below is a document with 10 questions which you need to solve. Read the questions carefully and use any methods you want to. Remember to show as much working out as you can and use a ruler if needed.


Parents, if you are working with your child, one of the most important things about problem solving is choosing which operation(s) to choose. It is important to let the children try to tackle each problem as independently as possible before giving any guidance needed. 


PE - Get active!

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PE with Joe: Wednesday 3rd March