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Week 7 ~ Reception ~ Phonics ~ Wednesday

Miss Bagnall introduces our new trigraph 'ure.' This is a reading session so you do not need any resources.

Week 7 ~ Maths ~ Reception ~ Wednesday

Miss Austin sets you a challenge to investigate how tall you are. You do not need any resources to watch the video but you might need some to complete your investigation, including a tape measure, books, a ruler or some blocks.

Grow Grow Grow

A song to listen to and learn. Nick Cope is a real favourite of Miss Bagnall's and he sings this song much better than she could. Listen to it together and talk about the different ways of growing that it explores. You could learn some sections together and add some actions.

Eric Carle at Work

This week's Book of the Week was written and illustrated by Eric Carle. Watch this video about how he creates his beautiful illustrations. Notice the way he uses colours, the materials he uses and the decisions he makes. Some of the video is in German but this does not matter! You still get to see the most beautiful collage illustration come to life. Following the video, maybe you could create your own collage art?