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Today in maths, you are going to be thinking about sequencing. When we sequence we think about things in chronological order which means the order in which things happened or should happen. Inspired by so many of you looking after caterpillars at home, I would like you to sequence the life cycle of a butterfly. Once you have ordered the sequence, I would like you to write a sentence for each stage explaining what is happening.

Can you chronologically sequence events in your day ? Like brushing your teeth, making a sandwich or your going to bed routine etc. Draw pictures and label each picture using appropriate language such as before, after, next, first and finally. 

If you enjoyed learning about butterfly life cycles here is some reading material on butterflys. There are three differentiated texts so your child can read a text that suits their reading ability.



Tune into the Youtube channel to watch Ruth Miskin's phonics sessions for Set 3 sounds at 10.30am or 1.30pm.


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Topmarks phonics games


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Oxford Owl reading books


Today's learning is revisting the story 'The house that Jack built'. However, today you are going to be using the conjunctions 'and' and 'but'. Remember 'and' joins two sentences together and 'but' is opposites. You will also be creating your own menu for Rat.


All of today's tasks can be completed without printing the sheets.


For today's coding activity follow the link and the instructions below:


Select coding > log in > select Unit 1a > lesson 3 Click and go