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Like I said on Monday, the theme of today's English is all based on VE Day - Victory in Europe Day - which will be commemorated this Friday. 

  • To begin, you need to know some details about VE Day, so complete the reading comprehension activity first to give you some insight and test your understanding. Answers are at the end of the document. Only check once you have had a go at all of the questions.
  • There's no separate written English task today as there is quite enough for you to do under in the 'Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject' section. 



Addition, including money

  • Complete the arithmetic sheet. What score and time will you get today? surprise Remember, you can go on TT Rock Stars etc. if you find these sheets a little tricky. 


  • On 7th September 1940, Germany launched a bombing raid on London known as 'The Blitz' which was described in 'Danny's Dilemma'. Watch this video to find out more:
  • For today's Maths challenge, you are going to be using your additions skills to complete a military order of clothing and equipment soldiers needed to go to war. You will find 2 documents in the resources section: one is the priced catalogue of equipment and the other is the order list. Use both mental and written strategies to work out the totals.
  • EXTRA TASTY CHALLENGES: Reasoning and problem solving challenges are also available in the resources section. Go on, challenge yourself! You can do it yes



Wider curriculum / Foundation Subjects: History / Art / DT

VE Day wouldn't be VE Day without having a party on Friday with your family like they did in 1945. 


In preparation for your party, you are going to need to prepare a few things. Below is a list of  tasks for you to carry out as well as you can: 

  • Retro recipes: Research and create a booklet of at least 4 wartime recipes which would have been limited due to the rationing of food. You need to write down the title, ingredients and instructions of how to make the recipe. Watch this link for how to write instructions effectively: 
  • If you can, make at least one of the recipes you find to eat on Friday at your party. Measure those ingredients carefully! cool
  • Heroes of the sky: Supermarine Spitfires were the most widely produced and strategically important British single-seat fighter in World War II. They helped Britain to win many battles, ultimately leading to victory. 

- READ these awesome facts:

- WATCH AND LISTEN to the Spitfire flypast for Colonel Tom Moore: 

- CREATE. To mark their importance, as well as the pilots who flew them of course, AND as decoration for your party, I want you to create a model Spitfire. If you want a simple design to glue together and hang up, there is a paper version in the resources section you can print off. If you want to challenge yourself further, try to make a Spitfire using cardboard and felt tips or paint, or you could paper mache over the cardboard. This link will give you some more ideas: 

NOTE: I do not expect you all to follow the instructions on this link as I know the model is complex, however, it is good for idea purposes on how to make your own plane.