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Today in maths you are going to continue to learn about quarters but today you are going to be finding quarters of a group or a set of objects. Watch the video below to find out more:

Finding a quarter of a set of objects

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If you follow this link the session will be uploaded and you can choose the sound and the spelling session you need. There should be a new video released today at the normal time of 10.30. Follow the link below: 


There is going to be a video uploaded one sound per day (which is a recap of sounds taught) and this video will be available for 24 hours. Please bear with me as I also try to navigate this new way of the sound videos being uploaded. 


Storytime- every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm


Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Phonics children's TV programme:



Phonics play alternative:

Topmarks phonics games


Reading buddy alternative:

Oxford Owl reading books



Today in History you are going to be looking at Victorian Britain looked like. We have already looked at two people from the Victorian era- Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Today you are going to  be looking at Victorian homes and comparing them to modern homes.

Look at the links below to learn more before attempting today's activity. You will need your espresso log in.

After learning about Victorian and modern homes I want you to identify the similarities and differences between the two Victorian homes and the two modern homes (click on the pictures to make them bigger).

As a bonus activity take a walk around your local area : Can you find any Victorian buildings? 

CLUE: one building is where you go to learn.