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Morning all!

It's another bright, sunny day!



So, it is day 2 of studying The Lost Thing. Please upload your drawing of the Lost Thing. Toby H's was very good! It'd be nice to see some more. 

  • Open the document which explains what to do. Ensure you do read the text thoroughly out loud. If you make a mistake, go back and start the sentence again. 
  • You will be looking at parenthesis once again. The powerpoint is linked, also. 



We are continuing to study fractions. Today, you will be multiplying proper fractions by whole numbers .

  • Following this process of putting the whole number over 1,then multiplying across and finally simplifying or changing into a mixed number, open the 'Balloon sheet' and complete (that rhymes!)
  • Open Pizza Challenge 1 and complete
  • Open Pizza Challenge 2 and complete


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Music

Duration, tempo and Beethoven

A little bit of Music for you today. I know some of you are budding musicians and will know the basics, but take a look at the link anyway. Read the information,watch the video and complete the 2 practise activities. LINK


Challenge for those who know musical notes already, or for anyone who wants to have a go: compose your own piece of music. You can clap it , play it if you have an instrument and even create some of your very own lyrics!