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You know the drill by now! Lets get healthy with Joe.



We also need to continue to practise our fine motor control. Do you have a puzzle you can do? We can use our hand eye coordination to select the right pieces, pick up the pieces and place them down carefully so as not to break up the rest of the puzzle. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished puzzle tonight on Tapestry. Here's one my daughter has done for you today. 



Our sound of the day is igh (as in fly high). Using the green phonics folder (the school is currently distributing them to children who were absent during the last week of school, if not yet arrived it is on its way), practise the igh sound. The sound is made up of three letters but makes just one sound igh.

Then practise reading the igh words. Firstly encourage your child to identify the special friend in the word, (in this case igh), then Fred talk the word; n igh t, then say the word in full; night. 

Children can then practise spelling the words, this can be done by listening to the word and wiggling you fingers. How many sounds can you hear in night? Three sounds, hold up three fingers, then pinch each finger as you say the sound. Children can then write the word. Remember the children are well trained in this so continue to let them lead the way.

Now flick back to ay and ee, encourage your child to identify the sound without seeing the picture clue, and read and spell some of the words. Continue to watch the Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on either Facebook or You Tube, Set 2 sounds are now streamed live at 10:00 then are available for 24 hours.  


Today we will learn about half. Using an apple, orange, or small cake cut it in to two parts making one part much larger than the other. Give your child the smaller piece. Is this fair? No, the parts are not the same size. Repeat, this time cutting the object equally in half. We had a whole, we cut it in half. There are two halves. Each piece is called a half. One, cut in to two, both parts the same size. 

Today we will be learning to find half of a shape.

You will need: paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, crayons.

Draw a circle, triangle, rectangle and square, large enough for your child to accurately cut out. Then encourage your child to fold the shape to find its half. Once they have folded the shape to find half they can use a ruler and pencil to draw over the folded line and then colour one of the halves. On each half the children can write the word half so that they understand each part is half.


Now its time to go and explore in your garden. Remember to put your suncream, hat and glasses on before you begin. Today I would like you to find signs of Spring. Longer days; when does the sun rise and set, how is this different to back at Christmas? Milder weather; think about your clothing, why don't you need your hat, coats and gloves? Do you have any birds nesting or can you hear the sounds of other spring animals? What about the trees, are there any leaves yet? Are there any shoots in your garden or have any of the spring flowers come into bloom. Choose your four favourite signs of Spring and draw and label each of them. I look forward to finding out about your findings on Tapestry.

Have a good day. Keep up the great work and enjoy your learning. 

Shoots and buds

Spring flowers