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Good morning everyone! How are you today?




Open the document in the resources section and complete the reading and writing activities based on Mahatma Gandhi who is very well-known across the world. 



  • Complete today's Starter Mat. (NOTE: Question 3 will require trial and error approach and a calculator can be used, also you can use a calculator for question 5). 


Percentage Problems

Today you will need to apply the same skills as Monday in order to answer problems based around discounted shopping. If you need reminding of how to calculate those percentage 'building blocks', look back at Monday's video. 

  • Open the Powerpoint first
  • Open the document of questions afterwards



Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: History



As our Queen for over 68 years and having ruled over many parts of the world, it could be argued that Queen Elizabeth II is the most famous person in the world.


I want you to create a timeline of her life since her birth to today. You must plot at least 10 significant events, which excludes her birth date. Your timeline must be accurately drawn using a sensible scale and each event must be legible with details about what happened and why it is significant.