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Miss Yeomans' message 24.06.2020


In maths today we are going to continuing to look at measuring but today you are going to be estimating before you measure. You will be estimating and measuring lengths, heights and widths. 


When you ESTIMATE it means that you are making a good guess where you are being sensible about your guess


For example if I was going to estimate how big the book below is. I would think about big a ruler is and how big a metre stick is (or how long a metre is using my tape measure). I would then think which would I measure the book with and then use that measuring device to make an estimate as to how tall the book is. Once I have made my estimate I would then measure the book to see the actual height.




Follow the link below to the Ruth Miskin phonics channel on YouTube. There will be a video uploaded, one sound per day (which is a recap of sounds taught) and this video will be available for 24 hours. There will also be a following spelling session for your child to test their phonics knowledge. It is important that you do both sessions. 


Storytime- will not commence again until July. I will keep you updated about the return of story time.


Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Phonics children's TV programme:



Phonics play alternative:

Topmarks phonics games


Reading buddy alternative:

Oxford Owl reading books


If you want to listen to any stories follow the link below for Mr T's reading channel:

Mr T's Reading Channel


Today you are going to continue to look at dragons but you are going to be looking at a different dragon poem that tells a story about Custard the dragon. 


Task 1

Read the poem Custard the Dragon. Read it slowly and make sure you discuss what is happening in the poem with an adult so you can understand why Custard is so brave.


Task 2

Read the names of Custard's family members. Write a sentence to describe each one. You may need to re-read the poem to gather ideas of what the family members look like and what they can do. Remember to use the conjunction ' and' to link your sentences.


Task 3

You are going to imagine that Custard and his family climb into their little red wagon and went on holiday. Write the short story using the plan on the attached file. Remember your story needs a begining, a middle and an end.

Inspirational famous people

The theme for this week is famous people and today I thought you could look at an inspirational person and the fastest man in the world- Usain Bolt.

The Boy Who Learned to Fly

Usain Bolt 6 World Records in 100m, 200m and 4x 200 relay

Usain Bolt and all the other runners in the photos above are the best runners in the world. They trained hard to become the best but none are these people are exactly the same. They are all different. Some people believe that being different is bad and that some people are better than other people just because of the way they look.

Your Task
Have another look at the runners? I want you to create a poster identifying all the ways these people are different (height, eye colour, name etc). In the middle I want you to think about if any of these people are better than the others just because of the way they look. I want you to write your answer in the middle of your poster explaining why not.